Home-made Chinese food Delivery

Problems: There are more and more chinese stay-at-home moms in US now. A lot of them are starting selling home-made food through social media like WeChat. They are risking themselves in tax issues and violating federal food law.

Solution: A platform is designed for them to sell food legally following correct procedure.

Role: Individual Project

Pain Point


International students spend most of their time in school while they do not have time to cook for themselves.

Stay-at-home moms find them hard to find a job because of language. However, they have extra time to cook authentic chinese food.

AHYI is a form of Chinese address for working-age females; a form of address for any woman around one’s mother’s age; or one’s mother’s sister.

Main Feature

  • 7 meals everyday provided by different stay-at-home moms.
  • Ingredients introduced in every meal in order to follow the food law.
  • Select quickly, Check out more quicker.
  • If you like the food provided by one stay-at-home mom, you are able to follow her meals everyday.
  • Deliverable


    An interactive prototype is developed to demonstrate the concept using Pixate


    Commercial Video

    A Commercial Video is the final deliverable of this studio project. This video should explain the existing problems and then introduce the solution and how it works to solve the pain point.


    Primary Research
  • 5 million stay-at-home moms in US in 2015.
  • 300 thousand chinese students choose to study in US every year.
  • 3.5 million chinese in US in 2015.
  • Interview

    There is already a group in Wechat which have 352 members that are all Chinese students from Gatech. It is served as a group only to sell noodles by a Chinese woman who find it difficult to open a restaurant. She sells 20 orders at Sep.28 only for GT students. It only has 10 members two weeks before and grows rapidly after two weeks.


    They do not have jobs and find it difficult to work outside since they don’t speak English. They can make food for their families. Why they cannot make for overseas students and earn some money?