For Lab Workers

There are many labs in Georgia Tech, some students have access while others don’t. For example, there are 8 mentors in Interactive Product Design Lab, It still happens that a student go to the lab and find the lab is closed and have no idea who is the mentor and when the mentor will come to open the lab today.

Role: Interaction Designer, Electrical Engineer



  • This lab box is designed to solve the problem. When the mentor decides to go to the lab, he will set an animation of 7 led in the labox through a webpage (a web server created by the ESP 8266) indicating that the lab is about to open soon. What’s more, when he arrives at the lab, he is able to turn on the specific led through a button to represent his skills.
  • With two screws, it can be installed with safety.

    The Process


    ESP8266 HUZZAH FEATHER is used to control the prototype wirelessly.

    The Process


    It is my first time to use Kicad which is a powerful tool to design PCB board. With perfect dimension, the board is able to fit in the labox.